The Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, Inc.
P.O. Box 215126, Sacramento, CA 95821

To: All Dog Clubs And Individual Breeders

The Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, Inc., was established in 1970 as a not-for-profit organization to support dedicated dog fanciers and their activities. We are a club of clubs; our members are a number of Northern California AKC all-breed and specialty clubs who share the goal of educating the public on responsible pet ownership. We put people in touch with responsible breeders and clubs so they can find quality puppies and dogs, and not have to purchase them from pet stores that buy from puppy mills.

The Council publishes the annual Pink Book, a directory of breed clubs and reputable individual breeders which is mailed to hundreds of veterinarians, breeders, clubs, supply stores, and pet shops in Northern California and Nevada. Dog owners and puppy buyers can log on to our web site to learn about ethical breeding practices, to find a breeder or rescue program, or to seek advice on any dog-related issue or problem. To introduce the public to quality purebreds, we sponsor breeder showcases whenever possible. For breeders and fellow fanciers, we offer a yearly educational symposium on topics of current interest. We also hold one or more fun matches annually to raise funds to support our educational activities.

We are concerned about attacks on the dog fancy by humane groups who mistakenly think that responsible breeders are to blame for the unwanted pet over-population. We therefore monitor legislation to protect our hobby from those who see no difference between us and the puppy mills and backyard breeders. We also work to educate the public on responsible breeding and to prove that responsible breeders of purebred dogs have done more to reduce unwanted pets than to add to the over-population.

It is our plan to educate the general public concerning the spaying and neutering of all cross-bred dogs as well as many pure bred dogs. It has long been the credo of the dog fancy only to breed the very best! We also want to teach the public that a well-trained dog is a wonderful pet to own, and that they must take responsibility of training their dog as they take the responsibility of teaching their children.

If your dog club aspires to these goals, please consider joining the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, Inc. Our common goal will benefit from our combined voices. If you are an individual breeder and wish to be listed with the Council's Breeder Referral Service, select that option listed below.

The Council’s general membership meets on the second Monday of January, March, May, September, and November.  Individual breeders are welcome to attend our general membership meetings as our guests. For further information, contact Joan Gibson Reid at (916) 689-1661 or

The application pages will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Click the link to download a free copy. 

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