Guidelines for Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs Fall Breed Showcase
SET UP: Mall opens at 11:00. We must set up before the mall opens. You may enter the mall by Sports Chalet at 10am (in the rear of the mall). There is a small amount of open grass near there to potty your dogs. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS and bring plenty of poop bags, THANKS!!When unloading please do not block the entrance to the mall (leave 15 feet clearance).

NUMBER OF DOGS: Due to limited space, the number of dogs on display will be limited to TWO dogs per breed or variety and ONE exercise pen. We encourage groups who would like to take turns in shifts to do so but please just switch dogs and or people and not set ups. You may walk your dogs on lead through any open entrance to accomplish this.

EQUIPMENT: A small display table no larger than the size of a grooming table is allowed. Supply your own water, dishes, ex-pens, mats, pillows, crates, chairs and pooper scoopers and a bottle of water and paper towels for messy accidents. All dollies must have rubber wheels. We encourage TASTEFUL, COLORFUL AND DECORATIVE set ups to keep it fun and inviting!!! Think Fall colors…..

CLEANLINESS: It is the responsibility of each participant to clean up after their own dogs. Please sweep and clean up after you leave for the day. If grooming, please pick up the hair. Exercise the dogs outside in the parking lot and please pick up after them. NO food or beverage is to be consumed in the set up location.

SAFETY: To ensure the safety of all, dogs must be under supervision AT ALL TIMES. They are not allowed elsewhere in the mall except to enter and exit. If you are alone and must leave the area, ask Chuck or Valarie Kimpel, council representatives for this event, to stay with your dogs. Dogs on display must be friendly and well socialized. Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave. No pinch collars.

TAKE DOWN: The mall closes at 6:00 pm. Set ups must remain in place in(ex-pens and tables) until the mall closes. NO early takedowns. The mall management does not want people carting equipment in and out while the mall is open.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be absolutely no selling of puppies at the showcase. Breeders are welcome to hand out cards or literature. No puppies under 4 months. No pinch collars. A rabies certificate is required for each dog present.

THESE GUIDELINES are intended to help the event run smoothly and ensure our continued welcome at this mall. Your cooperation will make this event enjoyable for everyone. This is a good opportunity to develop some public relations for you breed, club and to expose the general public to REPUTABLE, RESPONSIBLE PUREBRED dogs. Unfortunately purebred dog breeders have received some unfavorable publicity in recent times. Let’s show them the news is wrong!!!!!!





This invitation is extended to SCDC Member Clubs and individual referral members.

Showcase hours: 10am to 6pm

Deadline for reservations: Thursday Nov. 17, 2011

Coordinators Karen O’Neil, Chuck and Valarie Kimpel

1404 Mipaty Ln. Carmichael, Ca 95608 Phone number 916-799-4480 EMAIL

This Breed Showcase will be held indoors in the Country Club Mall. Read the Showcase guidelines carefully.

This is an excellent opportunity to educate the public about your favorite breed and the role of responsible and knowledgeable breeders!!

Please sign and return the form below as soon as possible so we can begin scheduling. Keep the top part for your own reference.

 Name of club___________________________________________

Contact person_________________________________________

Address &phone number_________________________________

Name of individual breeder (referral members only)_____________________________________________________

Breed/s represented_____________________________________

I agree to abide by the Showcase represented by the regulation form:


NOTE: A rabies certificate is required for all dogs exhibited. No pinch collars.