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Mission Statement

The Sacramento Council of Dog Club’s mission is to promote and advance the welfare of all AKC and UKC purebred and rare breed dogs through the membership of All-breed, Specialty and Training clubs in the following ways:

1. Encouraging responsible ownership through education and mentoring for all dogs.
2. Encouraging training to help owners develop the natural instincts and special attributes of their chosen breed.
3. Offering educational seminars on current dog-related topics.
4. Maintaining excellent communication between our member clubs.
5. Being the voice of the dog community on all dog-related legislative topics in local and state governments.
6. Being crusaders against animal abuse and cruelty.
7. Holding individual breeders to the highest standards of breeding practices.
8. Maintaining a good working relationship with shelters and rescue groups.
9. Presenting an Annual Breeders Showcase to promote public awareness of the various breeds represented by Council members.
10. Maintaining a Breeders Referral Service for potential dog owners.
11. Maintaining a Referral Service on Breed Clubs and Training Clubs.
12. Providing a source of breed rescue contacts.

Revised 2013