California law (Chapter 530, Statutes of 1991) requires that dog dealers and dog breeders who sell a dog represented to be registered or registrable with a dog pedigree registry provide the buyer with a notice that pedigree registration does not guarantee a healthy dog, the quality of the lineage, the accuracy of the lineage recorded, nor that the dog is purebred.

This law defines dog breeder as any person, firm, partnership, corporation or other association which breeds and sells dogs at wholesale or retail. Therefore, as a breeder you are required by law to give your buyer a Dog Pedigree Registration Disclosure statement on a SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER FROM OTHER FORMS.

If you do not comply with this disclosure requirement, you are liable to the buyer for civil damages equal to three times the cost of the dog. The buyer must make his/her claim for payment within one year from the date the dog was sold.


Wording of the disclosure is as follows:


Description of dog: ____________________________________________________

The dog you are purchasing is registered/registerable [circle one] with the:

__________________________________[enter name of registry].

Registration means only that ____________________[enter name of registry] maintains information regarding the parentage and identity of this dog. It does not guarantee the quality or health of this dog, and it does not guarantee quality lineage. Since dog pedigree registries depend in large part on the honesty and accuracy of persons registering dogs, registration does not guarantee the accuracy of the lineage recorded nor that this dog is purebred.